Late Night Cocoa Episode 20 Has Been Recorded

Episode 20 has been recorded and is now in post production for release at the end of the Late Night Cocoa summer break, probably around the 15th September.

In the episode we cover Distributed Objects.

"Distributed Objects provide a way to communicate between threads, processes and hosts.
We'll cover each of those three cases and familiarize you with the APIs,
the Objective-C language support, as well as the various pitfalls to
look out for when using DO."

Raising Money For Cancer Research

Seth Dillingham is raising money for the PMC Software Auction (cancer research and treatment). If you can please help out

Check it out Here

Ironcoder V This Weekend

The next semi-regular installment of the #macsb Ironcoder contest will start at 5PM central time on Friday, March 30th running through to Sunday, April 1st.

Check out for more details.

Support Late Night Cocoa By Making a Small Monthly Donation

You can now support Late Night Cocoa by making a small monthly donation in the form of a paypal subscription. Becuase we need to track subscriptions you will need a Late Night Cocoa account but that only takes a few seconds to set up. You can cancel your donation at any time.

Set Up a Monthly Donation

Why Donate?
Good Question. The podcast takes quite a long time to produce , also there are plans for a whole series of screencasts. Donations will allow me to take some time out each week and produce this content at the quality I think it deserves and you want.

Learn Cocoa Part II

Scott Stevenson has released part 2 of his excellent Learn Cocoa tutorial on Cocoa Dev Central
This tutorial will get you started with writing code.

Read the tutorial here

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