Late Night Cocoa (019): WWDC Round Table

In Episode 19 we discuss WWDC with four top developers Daniel Jalkut, Gus Mueller, Wil Shipley and Guy English.

Subjects covered include:

  • Is the WWDC Keynote relevant to developers anymore
  • Quicklook
  • 64 bit
  • Safari for Windows
  • iPhone SDK (lack of)
  • The future


Late Night Cocoa (018) Core Image Filters with Andy Finnell

In Episode 18 we look at Core Image Filters with Andy Finnell.


Late Night Cocoa (016) : Hacking Cocoa Part 1 with Jonathan "Wolf" Rentzsch

In Episode 16 we look at Hacking Cocoa with Jonathan "Wolf" Rentzsch

Late Night Cocoa (015) : Sync Services with Marcus Zarra

In Episode 15 we get our first repeat guest as Marcus Zarra talks about Sync Services

Late Night Cocoa (014) : Search Kit with Steve Harris

In Espisode 14 we examine how to use Search Kit with Steve Harris


Late Night Cocoa (013) : Sparkle , Design Patterns & UI Standards with Andy Matuschak

Traditional software update requires the user to do a lot of work. The problem with that is that users are lazy. In this episode, guest Andy Matuschak discusses the philosophy of auto-update, some ways to use Sparkle, and some hints about what's coming for it in the future. But who needs software update without a good project? Andy will discuss practices of refactoring and systems design in large projects, and some methods for quickly duplicating Apple's new wave of user interface stylings.


Late Night Cocoa (012) : Aperture with Fraser Speirs

Fraser talks about the Aperture plugin API

Late Night Cocoa (011) : Source Control, Builds & Unit Tests with Gus Mueller

Gus Mueller talks about automated builds, testing, source control, and other tips


Late Night Cocoa (009) : NSResponder with Aaron Hillegass

Episode 9: "There are some simple ideas that lead to much of the elegance of Cocoa. NSResponder and the responder chain is one of these. NSResponder deals with handling events, nil-targeted actions, and reporting errors. We will discuss this mechanism with Aaron Hillegass of Big Nerd Ranch .


Late Night Cocoa (008) : Xcode Projects with Brian Ganninger

Episode 8: Xcode provides a wealth of features and configurability for powering your coding workflows. In this episode we'll look at basic project management (including cross-project dependencies) , targets, build phases and build configurations with guest Brian Ganninger of Infinite Nexus


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