Late Night Cocoa Episode 20 Has Been Recorded

The answer you entered to the math problem is incorrect.

Episode 20 has been recorded and is now in post production for release at the end of the Late Night Cocoa summer break, probably around the 15th September.

In the episode we cover Distributed Objects.

"Distributed Objects provide a way to communicate between threads, processes and hosts.
We'll cover each of those three cases and familiarize you with the APIs,
the Objective-C language support, as well as the various pitfalls to
look out for when using DO."


Please, just fix the math

Please, just fix the math verification.


Ooh, Distributed Objects! Can't wait! The math verification is breaking, by the way. It drives me insane!

Great to hear

Late Night Cocoa has given me so much inspiration, something of which I am in dire need right now.

Looking forward to seeing the blue dot next to Late Night Cocoa!

Humbly, Ylan


I'm looking forward to it.
Have heard all the "old" episodes during the summer, and I miss more :-)


Looking forward to it -- Glad to see you back


exellent news, should be an interesting topic


I was starting to suffer from LNC withdrawal. Super-happy to hear that it's alive and kicking :)

Great News...

... not much to say just, great to see a new episode coming :-D

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