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As you are well aware Late Night Cocoa has gone very quiet for the last couple of months. This has happened for a whole host of reasons but the current one is I am struggling to find guests with time to prepare or record an episode. I am currently talking to about 7 potential people but I guess it shouldn't surprise me that talented people are busy.

So in order to allow guests time to prepare and to find recording time I have decided to put Late Night Cocoa on a summer vacation. During this time I will do my best to produce a show schedule for the rest of the year so that you (and I) can know what's happening and guests can have dates to work to.

If you currently have a paypal subscription with Late Night Cocoa you may wish to cancel it until we start again (or for good). If anyone who has a paypal subscription would like me to return any of the money already donated because you feel the break in the show has been to long please contact me and I will be more than happy to refund you.

Also if you would like to be a guest on the show send me an email at scotty at latenightcocoa dot com.

Thanks everyone for your patience

Late Night Cocoa


When it's done.

Hi Scott,

Wanted to say, don't be too hard on yourself. It sounds like you had a bit of a run of bad luck and timing hasn't been on your side. That's fine. It happens.
I think taking a summer break is a good idea. Let's face it, as soon as Leopard is out, and NDA's are lifted people are going to have lots to talk about. I expect a lot of developers are starting to feel the squeeze wanting to have stuff out around the same time too.
Just make sure you still enjoy it. Otherwise it'll never happen. Oh, and I disagree with Boris. Keep the conversational format, it keeps it light, whilst still having a lot of content.

It's also nice to hear a fellow Brit.

Have fun


Keep up the good work

I agree with Boris. Being able to interview industry experts is great, but sometimes you have to provide some information yourself. Even if you provide some basic Cocoa info, that would be helpful.



Hi Scotty

It is sad news :( In any case I wish you return when you are ready.

If you need any sugesstions (we all like to give them and not take them...), do not depend on other developers to be interviewed. Just research the subject yourself and present it.

Remember, you are a developer as well ;)

[email protected]

The Summer Break


Thanks for what you have done already, hope you have a good break and get things back on track, I for one will be looking forward Late Night Cocoa returning later on in the year.


Good to hear the LNC is still alive

Hi Scotty

I'm glad to hear that LNC is still alive. I'm looking forward to the next episodes and I will keep up my voluntary subscription. Keep up the good work!


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