Trouble at Mill causes delay

The answer you entered to the math problem is incorrect.

I come before you with my tail between my legs in complete humility looking for patience from the Late Night Cocoa audience.

On Monday morning the HD on my MacBook Pro crashed. Here I am now Tuesday evening and the only three things I have not been able to recover are

1. My Photos from my vacation to New York for my wifes 40th birthday last weekend
2. The last 3 months of backups from my accounts package
3. The latest Textmate edition of Late Night Cocoa (You knew it was coming).

This episode seems to have been really destined to be trouble what with all Robs problems with his apartment building catching fire before the recording and now this.

So why weren't these things backed up.

The photos because I had only just downloaded them from the camera (with the delete from camera option checked). The accounts because I had set it up wrong and the LNC episode , well I don't know, every other episode is there I just can find this one anywhere. I guess I need to move to a disk cloning system like superduper to try and avoid this.

I am trying to get another episode recorded but once again feel a bit stupid. The last few months have not gone well with problem after problem delaying things and I have to say I am beginning to loose heart.

So please don't shout at me I am trying my best and realize that I have become very unreliable. I will look to put procedures in place to try and avoid some of these problems in the future.


P.S If you have the slightest interest in following my restore wows then I will be posting that story on my personal blog at


don't worry about us

sorry to hear about losing those photos. i can bear losing things that took me a while to create better than i can losing personal things, like memories.

hope all runs smoothly from now on. cheers for the podcast too:)
frogblast the ventcore

I understand


I understand you perfectly, in fact I just went through a hard drive replacement my self. I would suggest going with slower (5400 RPM) drive.

In any case, I'll be waiting. I hope you now understand better why it is hard to keep my show on schedule ;)

[email protected]

Wish you the best!

Wish you the best, hope everything gets back to normal soon. Looking forward to the next episode!

Another HD tool

If you’ve tried everything else, perhaps you might want to try Steve Gibson’s Spinrite application. He’s mentioned at least one Mac success story for it on his security podcast, and I don’t know if any of the other hard disk recovery tools on the Mac operate similarly.

Sorry to hear that you have

Sorry to hear that you have been having technical problems. Hope everything works out okay in the end.




I was really looking forward to this episode for obvious reasons (I wrote quite a few of the commands in the TextMate Objective-C bundle). Anyway a few months ago I made a screencast , showcasing some of the things TextMate can do to speed-up Objective-C development. Perhaps it will show people who were curious on using TextMate for Objective-C coding a few tricks.
Note: I forgot to tell in the screencast, but the bracketmatching is triggered by typing "]".

Anyway keep up the good work Scotty. I hope you will be back on track soon.

P.S. I only used the hideous color scheme to help me debug TextMates Objective-C grammar file, I promise.

Ouch! Response

Thanks Joachim and thanks for all your work on the TextMate Object-C support.

We are trying to work a date to re-record the episode.

Keep it up

No worries, we're patient! I hope your hardware issues resolve quickly.

Good luck from now on :-)


Sorry to hear about your problems with your Macbook Pro, I hope you get things back up and running quickly.

It is a shame about the loss of the Textmate ep, as there isn"t a lot out there on using Textmate for Cocoa development, but these things happen. Hopefully sometime you and Allan can try again.

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