An Apology

An explanation and apology for the lateness of Episode 18



Who was up?

Who was getting recorded and had a fire? Is there any way the Mac developer community can help?

Dont Worry

The guest was just moving into a new building and there was a fire in the building. I dont think it caused any damge for the guest just inconvienience which prevented us from recording...... we are rescheduling.

Thanks for letting us

Thanks for letting us know... we eagerly await the next great installment!


Thanks for your podcast

I imagine how much work it must be to release one episode, so I just want to send a little word of encouragement. Some weeks, everything seems to go wrong. Don't worry, I am still a big fan!

don't worry

The Late Night Cocoa podcasts are terrific. Don't worry if you have trouble now and then getting them out. I, for one, will be patient. I'll just have to listen to the few old episodes I haven't heard yet, while I pedal the stationary bike at the gym. The last couple of episodes on "Hacking Cocoa" were particularly superb. I learned some interesting things.

Thank you so much, Scotty, for the show and for your dedication to educating Cocoa programmers.

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