Late Night Cocoa (016) : Hacking Cocoa Part 1 with Jonathan "Wolf" Rentzsch

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In Episode 16 we look at Hacking Cocoa with Jonathan "Wolf" Rentzsch


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Another code inspection tool

Developing Mail Plugins necessitates I spend a lot of time looking at the internals of Mail. OTX is great but one absolutely invaluable tool that Jonathan Retzsch doesn't mention is Jonathan Paisley's OCDisasm ( It goes a little bit beyond OTX and provides a browsing interface with the ability to follow branches in the assembly with greater ease. It also allows you to sort of follow ivar and local variable assignments and use.
it also allows you to disassemble called C functions. (I don't think OTX does this) OTX is better at grabbing the data_text references and displaying the actual strings (useful for identifying notifications when observers are added)

It only disassembles PPC code as PPC assembly is a lot prettier than x86 assembly and that what you are aiming for is the the underlying source, this will work for the most part (unless the sources has processor specific stuff.) Also Jonathan Paisley was so kind as to open source it, so it can be extended if folks are into that kind of thing.

Right on time!

This is really cool -- the second time you've nailed a topic just as we've been struggling with it!

Best yet!

I'm really looking forward to part two.

Great Episode this Week

Hey, great work Scotty. After reading the show notes, I didn't think this would appeal to me at all, but it turned out to be really interesting! Thanks.

Glad I can finally stop hitting refresh

I've been keeping an eye on the site every day since friday. I'm glad I can finally stop hitting 'refresh' and download the latest. It sounds like a fun one

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