Late Night Cocoa (015) : Sync Services with Marcus Zarra

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In Episode 15 we get our first repeat guest as Marcus Zarra talks about Sync Services


Guest Link
Zarra Studios

Marcus' Articles on Sync Services
Forum for this episode



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iTunes having trouble with the redirects

For this latest version I get an “unknown error” in iTunes.

I tried to curl the RSS feed, and it contains a link which returns a “302 Moved Temporarily”, where the referred to link is “302 Found”, which points to the actual AAC file.

So it seems to work, but maybe iTunes does not like the many redirects.

calendar updater

iCal helper doesn't update my online calendars. ical takes a while to start up and gets in the way. has anyone written an app to sync your online calendars without running the client application? i just want my gmail calendars up to date when i run iTunes without having to run iCal everyday.

Nice episode

I would never have thought to take a look at the sync services API if I hadn't listened to this week's episode. The episodes I have enjoyed most so far are those that have introduced me to APIs that are easy to overlook. Great Job!

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