Looking to Purchase an Application

Hi Fellow Developers

As someone who understands how demanding bringing a release 1.0 product to market is I have decided to give myself a jump start by looking to purchase the source code and rights to an existing (or almost existing) OS X product.

Maybe you’re a desperate shareware developer looking to get away from a particular product or you have that second product your unable to maintain now your first is so successful or there's that product you have almost finished thats just sitting on the back burner and you never seem to quite get round to.

I’m happy to pay hard cash for it or negotiate a revenue based deal or a combination of the two. (I'll consider any other basis as well if you want to explain it to me).

Send me a private email on "steve at streambyte dot com" detailing the terms of your offer (not legally binding), and I will let you know if I’m interested. If the products not yet finished or released please be realistic about its current position. Please make sure you describe the architecture of the product i.e Cocoa , Carbon , ObjC, Java etc.

I promise not to divulge any specific details to the public about your offer.

Please feel free to discuss the merits of this approach to getting a product out on this site but don't post your offers here , use the private email address "steve at streambyte dot com"

So just in case you havent worked it out yet send offers to "steve at streambyte dot com"

Steve Scott (Scotty)


Are You Sure?

After just leaving a particularly unpleasant maintenance assignment (on a large, undocumented, non-standard Ruby on Rails app, but that's another story) I have to question the logic of taking over someone's code. If you really want to get into the Mac software market, I think a better approach is to start from scratch with your own concept, design, and codebase.
My personal experience is that maintaining someone else's codebase is one of the most difficult tasks in programming, and a source of immense frustration.

Are You Sure?

Maintaining someone else's code base can be painful, if its part of your job you live with it; if you are 'volunteering' make sure you know what you are getting into. It can save some time and effort particularly with an established user base but don't be surprised if you end up re-writing a lot (if not all) the code in the longer term.

Are You Sure -- um!

Rewriting an existing application from an existing codebase can still take 50% less time than writing from scratch because many of the problems have already been solved.

Wait a minute!

But that's just the 50% that the developer knows about... Plus, what if all the projects that are proposed to you are things you don't have interest in or no knowledge of the target audience. I mean, we've all worked on projects that we didn't like, but those projects either pay money or for class...

It seems that you are buying frustration...

No One Is Forcing Me

You have to remember , No one is forcing me to buy anything. If I find an application that interests me with a reasonably good code base and good potential market at the right price then great. If I dont , what have I lost?.

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